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Medium and small refrigerated air dryers (standard air type)


Medium and small refrigerated air dryers (standard air type)
1.Stainless steel casing for leading dryer industry

(1) Corresponding oil-free air compressor

(2) Strong corrosion resistance, prevent dust from being generated by the heat exchanger

2.Integrated primary heat exchanger and secondary heat exchanger
3. Shenlong fins

(1) Separate water droplets and oil droplets with high efficiency, reduce the amount of refrigerant and be more environmentally friendly.

(2) It is not easy to block, reduces pressure loss, and saves energy.

4. Nickel-plated copper pipe

(1) Nickel-plating treatment, stronger corrosion resistance, durable

※ Except CRX5D 10D

※ The corrosion resistance to different corrosion components is different


(1) All models use environmentally friendly HFC refrigerant.

(Ozone Destruction Coefficient: 0) ※ CRX-D series only

Product use conditions:

1. Processing air conditions:

Inlet air pressure (gauge pressure): 0.69MPa ※ 1

Inlet air temperature: 35 ℃

Ambient temperature: 30 ℃

Dew point under pressure: 10 ℃

2. Conditions of use:

Fluid used: compressed air

Inlet air temperature: 10 ~ 50 ℃ ※ 2

Ambient temperature: 2 ~ 40 ℃

Operating pressure (gauge pressure): 0.20 ~ 0.98MPa ※ 2

1. This machine is based on indoor specifications.

2. The displayed value of the amount of processed air is based on ANR and converted to a value of "atmospheric pressure, 32 C, 75% RH".

※ 1. Instrument pressure.

※ 2. It depends on the amount of air to be processed.

Refrigerated Air Dryer CRX Series "Standard Air Inlet Type" (with standard automatic drain)

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