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When using multiple air compressors, energy consumption is suppressed, and automatic control is efficient
■ Automatically select the best number according to the air volume used for the most efficient operation control.
■ Can connect up to 8 air compressors.
■ It can also be linked with Kobelco inverters.
Repeated cycle operation
The standard machine adopts the repeat cycle method, and strives to achieve the equalization of the operating time and the number of starts of each air compressor.
As a load control machine, the frequency converter is controlled under the ideal operating conditions that match the air volume under constant pressure.

Suitable for all combinations of control <br /> The Kobelco number controller is not only suitable for single standard machine, or standard machine and frequency converter combined control, but also for single frequency converter combined control.
Standard configuration with easy-to-understand, full-color LCD touch controller
■ Easy to understand and operate full color screen LCD touch controller.
■ Touch the screen to make settings such as the number of operating units.
■ Feature-rich and easier to operate.
■ Instantaneous stop and non-stop function within 0.5 seconds, and automatic recovery from power failure;
■ Switch on the timer first;
■ Weekly timer;
■ Linked operation with inverter;
■ Repeat cycle control;
■ Leaping control to ensure stable supply of air.
Linkage control with auxiliary machine
Can control the same number of auxiliary machines as the main machine. For example, in the case of 6 hosts, 6 dryers can be controlled.