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Current product: Centrifugal air compressor (270 ~ 640KW)

Utilizing the fluid mechanics of the most advanced thirsty blades, we have developed the latest titanium alloy blades. Level 2 compression performance can be achieved with level 2 compression.
Rich model structure
Equipped with ITCS that saves energy and energy

Use computer for operation management and judge the time for controlling capacity adjustment.
The self-test function prevents sudden shutdowns.
Provide necessary maintenance notification functions to make maintenance operations easier.
The operation process is as simple as pressing the START / STOP button.
Through the use of high accuracy of the host and the use of low-pressure-loss coolers, the efficiency is improved to more than 5% compared to the previous model.

Easy maintenance
■ Easy maintenance ■ Kobelco's superior technology is contained in every component.
Self-developed self-supply air-conditioning valve design does not require bleed air.
Solenoid valve ... Standard configuration for forced drainage of condensate.
Thin-plate fin-type integrated gas cooler and water-passing structure inside the tube make cleaning easier.
■ Load / unload capacity control mechanism ■ Utilizes the internal pressure balance of the compressor to perform load / unload switching without external bleed air. No ejector required. Integrated with the exhaust valve ■ Structure avoids fluctuations caused by jet lag.