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Current product: Small and medium air compressor (15 ~ 55KW)

FE series oil-free screw air compressor condenses Kobe Steel's century-old compressor development and production technology, providing you with completely oil-free compressed air
Completely oil-free, clean compressed air
Kobelco independently designs and manufactures.
Dry compression is used, no lubricant is used in the compression chamber, and the compressed air is 100% oil-free. In addition, because the shaft seal is made of stainless steel, no toner is generated.
2 open-air structures
Kobelco's patented "two atmospheric open holes" structure allows the unit to prevent lubricating oil from mixing into the compressed air from the shaft seal even if the unit is continuously unloaded for a long time.
Japan Kobelco imported rotor
The FE series uses the latest original imported mainframe from Kobelco in Japan to ensure the high quality and high performance of the unit.
Efficient two-stage compression
Adopt two-stage compression with lower specific power to improve cooling performance, reduce internal pipeline pressure loss, and improve performance by 5% -10%.
Reduce energy consumption through optimal flow control and constant pressure control
Using Kobelco's special inverter and comprehensive energy-saving logic control, the best energy-saving effect can be achieved under any load condition. It can quickly track the pressure change, control the pressure fluctuation within 0.01MPa, and use the best power to accurately provide the necessary displacement.
Constant voltage control achieves energy saving effect
The pressure fluctuation range can be controlled within 0.01MPa.

Using permanent magnet (IPM) motor
Ultra-high frequency higher than ordinary and high-efficiency induction motors. In addition, by using a high-efficiency inverter, a better energy saving effect can be obtained than the original inverter. Because the bearing temperature of the permanent magnet motor is lower, the bearing grease has a longer life, which also reduces the maintenance work of the motor.
Soft start of the frequency converter
Reduced current and torque during starting, realized smooth soft start, and reduced the cost of power equipment.
Other features

Standard configuration high frequency reactor

Filter out the high frequency harmonics generated by the inverter. (According to the Japan Electrical Manufacturers Association (JEMA) Guidelines for High Harmonic Suppression)

Forced cooling of the inverter

● Prevent high temperature trips in summer. ● Circuit board coating treatment. ● Efficient and durable anti-fouling and moisture-proof.
Wide Range Control (low pressure increase flow control) * only FE37AV

Significantly expand the flow range during low pressure operation, increase the maximum flow, and provide the best solution for energy saving needs. Increase energy saving from [saving] to [utilizing]. ——Wide Range Control provides the most suitable pressure and maximum flow.

Efficient two-stage compression
Two-stage compression not only saves energy, but also reduces the exhaust temperature of each stage and improves reliability.
Compared with the single-stage oil-free screw air compressor, the efficiency is improved by 9 ~ 34%.
New screw rotor
The newly developed screw rotor profile uses a finite element analysis design. As a non-contact rotation, the air leakage from the exhaust side (high pressure) to the intake side (low pressure) is minimized to achieve high efficiency.
Main drive direct connection structure
Direct transmission of gears between the compressor host and the motor: no coupling, reducing mechanical losses. It adopts ISO / GB5 high-precision gear, which has the characteristics of long service life, low transmission loss, low noise, and small vibration.
Molybdenum disulfide thermal curing coating
The surface of the FE series compressor rotor and the inside of the casing are specially treated with molybdenum disulfide thermal curing coating, because of its superb surface adhesion, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance; it has extremely low The friction coefficient guarantees the close combination of coating and machinery, and provides long-term protection for the rotor and the host casing.
The pressure fluctuation range is controlled in the minimum range
Reduce the pressure adjustment range. The use of a miniature turning-type suction adjustment valve reduces the pressure adjustment range from 0.1 MPa to 0.05 MPa to suppress the energy consumption caused by unnecessary compression.
Energy-saving logic function (Kobe Steel patent)
The standard configuration is equipped with an energy-saving logic function that can be forcibly unloaded when the load operation exceeds the capacity adjustment period (23s). On the basis of reducing the pressure adjustment range, use a smaller pressure to switch to unloading operation to suppress energy consumption caused by unnecessary boost.
Interactive operation function
Through simple wiring, interactive operation between the two machines can be realized; there is no need to set a dedicated number controller as before. It is easy to set the first engine and the second engine only by the controller. It is also equipped with connection terminals that can be connected to general controllers.
Refined design in every detail