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Current product: Small and medium air compressors (15 ~ 90KW)

The KS series is a new type of micro-oil screw compressor launched by Kobelco. It integrates Kobelco's R & D and production technology of screw compressors for nearly half a century and combines the real needs of the Chinese market. While providing customers with high-quality air, it saves customer investment costs, reduces energy consumption, and makes operations easier.
Kobelion series micro-oil screw compressors are integrated with Kobelco's screw compressor development and production technology for nearly half a century. With world-leading displacement as the center, they sell well in the highest performance and highest quality air compressors required by the global market.
Reduce energy consumption through optimal flow control and constant pressure control

SG frequency conversion control can adjust the number of revolutions according to the required air volume. Compared with non-inverter machines that cannot perform revolution control, the lower the load rate, the more obvious the energy saving effect. No matter what the load conditions, no unnecessary power consumption will occur, and the ideal power saving effect is achieved. It can quickly track the change of pressure, control the pressure fluctuation within 0.01MPa, and use the best power to accurately provide the necessary amount of air.

Adopt low-pressure increase flow control

Reduce the maximum operating pressure and increase the flow with the power saved. Significantly expand the flow range during low pressure operation, increase the maximum flow, and provide the best solution for energy saving needs.
-Provide the most suitable pressure and flow through Wide Range Control.

Other features

■ Soft start of inverter
Reduced current and torque during starting, realized smooth soft start, and reduced the cost of power equipment.
■ Standard configuration of high frequency reactor
Filter out the high frequency harmonics generated by the inverter.
■ Forced cooling of inverter
Prevent high temperature trips in summer.
■ Circuit board coating treatment
Efficient and durable anti-fouling and moisture-proof.

Flow adjustment method used by SG series

The loading / unloading control method is adopted to reduce energy consumption and energy consumption in all processes such as suction, exhaust, compression, and cooling.

Efficient drive system

The entire model adopts gear speed increase, which avoids the energy consumption caused by the belt speed increase, and the tedious operation increased by adjusting and replacing the belt. No intermediate transmission (no coupling), reducing energy consumption, increasing reliability, and reducing maintenance costs due to excess parts.

Using centrifugal fan

Using centrifugal fan, large cooling air volume, high efficiency and low consumption.