Energy saving scheme
Energy saving scheme

Energy saving improvement
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Visually inspect for waste
Q. Is the supply pressure too high?
● Check the piping. Pressure loss of the post-processing equipment. ● Recheck the minimum pressure required for the equipment.
Change the set pressure of the air compressor
Q. Is maintenance adequate?
● Perform regular maintenance
Prevent protection. Eliminate sudden stop. Eliminate power waste
Detect waste through measurement
Q. Piping. Is there any leak in equipment?
● Confirm the leakage of piping, equipment and improve
Check the machines that are normally running again.
Q. Are there different pressure solutions for different locations?
● Confirm that high pressure and medium pressure equipment are required
Discuss piping route
Q. Does the number of running units match the amount of air used? (Excluding intermediate load operation)
● Confirm the operating load rate of each air compressor
Discuss the operating system that can respond to load changes
Q. How is the performance of the air compressor?
Whether it must be replaced by intensive.
● Is the machine size, performance, and the frequency of regular maintenance the best? ● Can it be protected? ● Can it cope with the energy saving according to the plan?
Discuss and confirm the implementation of the plan

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